Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lessons From a Husky to Her Human

Ava is an amazing creature. She's only just over a year old, fairly petite at under fifty pounds, and doesn't even have thumbs. But the weird thing is that she a much better person, so to speak, than many people that I know and she has taught me so many things in the short time that I've had her - all of which without meaning to, I'm sure. She's like no one else that I've ever encountered and is such a little blessing.

{lesson one}
Don't be so worried about everything because it really doesn't matter. Live your life for right now and enjoy the present. The past is over and done with and you have to move on from it. The future hasn't happened yet and there's no need to neglect the present to perfect the future.

You're sleepy? Okay, find the comfiest spot you can and take a nap. No, it doesn't matter that its one o'clock in the afternoon and everyone else says you should be awake and chipper. You're sleepy now, so sleep now. You see a squirrel that you want? Well chase it! Go for it! Who cares if the other dogs stare at you? You know they'd just love to be chasing what they want and to be completely in the moment and enjoying it, but some stupid human won't let them because then the human might be embarrassed in front of all the other humans. So what if you don't catch the squirrel and everyone knows it? You had fun doing it! And so what if your ass jiggles as you chase it down? So? You still had fun doing it! Feeling really good? Take a victory lap, just because you feel like! You're happy so flaunt it and let everyone else know because, chances are, happiness is catching and everyone could use a bit more of it.

You're living right now. Right. Now. So make the best of it and enjoy it! Don't worry about who stares at you because they'd probably be doing the same thing if they were brave enough to.

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  1. HAHA Petite is 50 lbs? Thats a big female husky to me. Gypsy is a whopping 40 lbs!