Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nommies in the mail!

We got some wonderful doggy nommies in the mail the other day! Enough to keep Snick and Ava satisfied for a little bit, anyways. It's really weird to think back to how the dogs used to be before they learned to equate delivery men with treats. Snickers, being the huge gentle giant that he is, has a bit of a scary-big-vicious dog bark and he would literally scare anyone dropping by to deliver anything. He wasn't menacing, but he just barked to let us know that he was seeing something outside - and that something that was outside generally got scared. But then the magic happened and one of those "somethings" outside gave me a cardboard box holding 100 bully sticks and everything changed. Now, if someone comes to the door, they still bark and all, but if said person has a cardboard box....Well, the barking stops and the tail-wagging begins. Now they don't even tell us when the Fedex or UPS guy pulls into the driveway, so half the time I don't even know when something is delivered. But anyways, I'm babbling. Sorry! Onto the goodies!!

First, we got a Merrick Hungry Dog Value Pack - aka the awesome grab-bag of goodness. Its two whole pounds of awesome, namely in the shape of random Merrick treats. I was a bit nervous to order it because, being a grab bag, I was afraid that I'd get a two pound bag of just pig ears or something. Which would suck. But it turned out pretty good. There’s a bunch of stuff that is apparently quite tasty but I have no idea what it is. I'm thinking lung puffs and pig snouts, but I'm not entirely sure. There's also quite a few really thick bullysticks that are about six inches long, a huge bone of some sort (that I'm going to throw out or give away. But still!), several tendons, some tails, and a ton of little chunks of stuff that looks suspiciously like jerky. I haven't tasted the jerky-esque noms to be sure though....The best part? It was only $7.85 online, which is way way way cheaper than I've ever seen the bags before, even at my usual online shopping places!

Then we got a boatload of Zukes Mini Naturals to replenish our stock. I was really excited because I found them supercheap, compared to local petstores anyways. I paid less than $3.35 for the Salmon noms and $2.85 for the chicken noms - compared to the up to $6 price I've seen locally and online. I got multiple bags, but still not as many as I would have liked to get for that price. And did I mention that the shipping was .99 cents? Yes, it was. Awesome.

If you haven't heard about Zukes treats before, they're great. They have good ingredients with no corn, by-products, and other such nasties. Plus the mini naturals line of stuff has small bite-sized treats that are perfect for training and are good and moist. I have yet to try any of the baked treats because I haven't seen them stocked anywhere locally yet, but I'm sure they're great as well. My pups have also had the fillets and jerky that go over great too, but I prefer the little tiny treats that I can pop in a Kong ball or use for training. You do have to be careful though because there's a line of Power Bones, which supposedly boost energy. We haven't tried them, but I've almost accidentally bought them before because they look like the other bags. We'd be in trouble if I gave some of those to Ava though...Jeebus. I can just imagine the world ending or something like that when she has more of an energy spike than normal. I think it would probably look something like this, only in better quality -

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